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Dylan Glyn - Contemporary Furniture Maker

Sunday, 26 May, - Sunday, 4 August, 2024

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Dylan Glyn is a furniture designer and maker based in Caersws. He has worked in various parts of the timber furniture industry from forestry through to design and manufacture for nearly thirty years and is finally starting to produce his own range. Curving and bending timber has been a fascination in his work since he did his degree in design at Loughborough University and has developed much experience over the years in steam bent batch produced furniture. He is applying this knowledge of steam bending, design experience and working with Welsh hardwoods to create his new work. 

The beginning of each piece of furniture starts with sourcing local hardwoods of various species which creates a direct relationship with the tree growers and foresters who work the woods. This direct connection to the supply chain is an important aspect that adds’ depth and authenticity to the final work that Dylan creates. 

The pieces on show are the first from his new collection which elegantly plays with paired back structures and flowing lines to produce sculptural forms for practical use. Dylan’s furniture celebrates the character and variety of the timber grown around his workshop which blended with a sense of gentle movement to create unique pieces to be appreciated and used for a life time. 

Sŵs small table
Dylan Glyn
Sŵs small table
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